Urban Renewal

In the past few years, Efraim Weinstein Law firm has developed a unique and prominent ability to manage and promote urban renewal projects, including “Tama 38” projects and “Evacuation and Construction” projects (“Pinui Binuy”), which are becoming more and more popular in many cities in Israel.

In the field of urban renewal, our office frequently represents either side of such projects, i.e. land owners, entrepreneurs and contractor companies alike. Thus, by having the experience of advocating for all sides involved in urban renewal projects, our attorneys have gained the experience and knowledge erquired in order to maximize our client’ rights, benefits and profits that arise from such projects.


Efraim Weinstein Law Firm expertise in this field accedes to all forms and sizes of urban renewal projects, including reinforcement of building against earthquakes (“Tamma 38”) and vacating, demolishing and rebuilding new and better buildings instead of old ones, meaning safer and bigger buildings (“Pinuy Binuy”).

In addition, our office is representing and promoting various projects of Evacuation and Construction (“Pinuy Binuy”) in old industrial and commercial areas, which are becoming the new target zones for urban renewal in Israel these days. In such projects, the new buildings will combine residential units, commercial areas and also office space.

Please see below a link to a simulation of a “Pinuy Binuy” project in Ha’Avoda street in Bat-Yam, represented by our office.


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