Labor & Employment

The field of labor and employment law plays a major part in many transactions and is an integral part of the contemporary business life, in which employment issues often receive considerable attention.

Efraim Weinstein Law Firm attorneys have extensive experience in providing ongoing legal advice concerning labor and employment, while tailoring specific employment agreements for varied employers from conservative corporations to high-tech driven young companies, including planning, drafting, negotiation and compliance aspects of compensation of employees and consultants.

Efraim Weinstein Law Firm also provides legal solutions concerning labor and employment, inclusive of executive compensation plans, employment agreements, consulting agreements and a variety of benefit plans, including stock option plans, profit sharing and other incentive programs, retirement and severance arrangements. Our Firm advises clients regarding on-going employment relations, secrecy and non-competition issues.
Our professionals have in-depth experience in representing our clients in Labor Courts, thus achieving the most favorable outcome when facing a court dispute.

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