Commercial Transactions

Efraim Weinstein Law Firm represents its clients in a broad range of local and cross-border commercial transactions handling complex broader scale transactions as well as standard ones.

Our deep commercial understanding, as well as our Firm’s diverse expertise, enable us to assist our clients in the early stages of structuring and planning commercial transactions, until achieving their goals efficiently, thus providing intimate legal partnership along the way.

Our Firm’s legal services and consultation include assisting clients in structuring and negotiating commercial transactions in varied industries, including: mergers & acquisitions, drafting and negotiating manufacturing and supply agreements, OEM agreements, licensing agreements, distribution and consignment agreements, employment agreements, consulting and service provider agreements and more.


  • Efraim Weinstein Law Firm represents clients in a wide variety of commercial transactions involving franchise agreements, agency agreements, distribution agreements (exclusive and non-exclusive) and also value added reseller agreements (VAR).

    Our attorneys have a great deal of experience in the matters of franchising, agency and distribution and have the ability to offer experienced counsel to our clients both in the legal and commercial aspects of the franchise, agency and the distribution mechanism.

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