Corporate Law & Securities

Our Corporate & Securities practice provides premium quality advice on various types of corporate transactions and commercial transactions, from complex transactions, such as IPOs, private placements, mergers & acquisitions and venture capital investments, to routine and on-going counsel on regulatory requirements and corporate governance issues that must be addressed effectively in the current legal environment.

Efraim Weinstein Law Firm counsels privately-held and public companies in various aspects of corporate law and through various transactions. Moreover, our Firm provides value-added services, such as market intelligence, in-depth industry knowledge and our ability to provide imaginative business solutions.

With accumulated knowledge and experience in corporate law & securities, we provide our clients with support and consultative services at each stage of corporate development, from emerging ventures to mature corporations.


  • Efraim Weinstein Law Firm has earned an excellent reputation in representing domestic and international venture capital and investment funds that provide both seed money and advance stage funding to start-up enterprises, as well as established enterprises.

    Our Firm represents venture capital funds in connection with their structuring, formation, fund raising, corporate governance and investment activities.

    Our Firm is constantly engaged in providing services in private financing, including all aspects of investment from inception to completion, including:
    • Structuring of investment transactions
    • Negotiation of terms and drafting of term sheets
    • Undertaking of Due Diligence
    • Drafting of documentation (term sheets & definitive agreements)
    • Issuance of legal opinions

    We have extensive experience in providing advice and counsel with respect to complex issues of corporate law, including corporate structuring of investment vehicles, funds structured as general partnerships, limited partnerships, limited liability companies and more.

  • Efraim Weinstein Law Firm has considerable depth of expertise in private equity matters, ranging from the organizational phase of the corporation, through early stage financing of either convertibles and in-debt financing or equity financing to complex rounds of capital transactions of mature companies.

    Our Firm offers real industry knowledge, experience and sector-specific knowledge across a wide range of industries including:
    • Internet
    • Software
    • Telecommunications
    • Medical devices
    • Wireless & mobile
    • On-line trafficking
    • E-Commerce

    Our professionals have extensive experience in working closely with entrepreneurs and investors in structuring and negotiating transactions, taking into account a wide range of legal and commercial considerations.

    Our experience in complementary practices (e.g. corporate law, commercial law) provides us with the ability of having a full understanding of the legal and commercial issues involved, thus reaching the best and most effective outcome.

  • Efraim Weinstein Law Firm professionals have gained in-depth knowledge and experience in the realm of Israeli Securities Law and Regulations, stock exchange rules, public offerings and market practices and customs.

    We represent major Israeli companies whose shares are publicly traded on the Israel stock exchange. Furthermore, our professionals provide comprehensive counsel in connection with securities and public offerings for issuers seeking finance and for shareholders and diverse investors, assisting them in structuring complex transactions, liaising with the Securities Authority and with the Stock Exchange, interacting with underwriters, thus reaching a successful finalization of such processes.

  • The field of joint ventures and strategic alliances is strongly supported by the increasing competition surrounding international business. At Efraim Weinstein Law Firm, we believe that only by taking into consideration all differences and relative advantages of each side, can one build a strong and lasting joint venture, thus maximizing both parties' benefit of the process and gaining a considerable market share.

    The significant investment made by each of the parties when they establish a joint venture calls for ensuring that the underlying documentation provides them with adequate protection by utilizing a variety of structures by virtue of the corporate law (e.g. single purpose company, partnership, limited partnership etc.).

    Efraim Weinstein Law Firm represents clients in varied joint venture transactions and provides them with legal advice and commercial counsel, thus enabling both parties to work closely in order to achieve prosperous synergy.

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